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If you’re a volume seller of commodity goods, the standard eBay auction and fixed price listing formats may not be ideal for you, for a variety of reasons:

  • Listing fees may not be economical for high-volume, low-cost items
  • Auctions and fixed-price listings run for a limited amount of time—seven days or less
  • Your visibility is limited during this period of time by the number of listings you post, meaning that costs are either higher because you post many listings, or because you must post them often

Given the amount of time and resources it can take to manage a large number of auctions that are ending every seven or ten days, it may not make sense to try to sell items this way that are only worth cents or a few dollars. For some types of limited-demand items, on the other hand, non-auction listings that don’t expire quickly would give sale items time to find their market and generate interest. Antiques and some types of high-end collectibles can fall into this category, amongst other things.

Our approach
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